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Community Founders: The Cycadfriends initiative was founded by interested and affected cycad collectors in 2011, when we realized that a CLEAR distinction needs to be drawn between LEGAL and ILLEGAL cycad collectors and growers. We subscribe to international laws and requirements pertaining to cycad ownership and transport and ensure that we abide by the permit system in our respective countries of operation/existence.

We are legal cycad collectors who form part of the collective body geared towards conserving these unique and interesting, beautiful plant species, also called Living Fossils - by sharing information on legal aspects, growing and caring for cycads, cycad identification, general cycad gardening discussions, and so on.

Finally, we have a community-driven database of "Online Projects", aimed towards securing the latest information on each of the various cycad species located across the world. As this is a community-editable wiki, we rely on facts to ensure that we do not contribute to confusion when it comes to the topics of Cycads overall. We do so by only quoting credible sources and supplying the required evidence to back up any statements made on this wiki.

Please contribute and help us GROW this Wiki into a great source of information and experience, owned and maintained by the general public, in the form of individuals who have a personal or professional relationship with cycads, one way or another. Let's take collective responsibility to maintain professionalism on this site at all times.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a brand new wiki. Please add pages for all cycad species, using other examples as guiding templates. We will eventually decide on the best template to use for each species. Please link to the pages on the Main List of Cycads after you create them.

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